A New Beginning & The 2017 Specials

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Hello there people all over the world!

How have you guys been? I hope everything has been going smoothly for you because it sucks a lot if it’s not the case.

As you can see, I am finally back! I didn’t think that changing host would take this short. It hasn’t been even two weeks if I’m not wrong.

At any rate, before starting with the monthly specials, let me review a few things around here and there. Here are the soon to be added content and how many will be available.

  • Tips & Tutorials (1)
  • Literature (15)
  • Reviews (3)
  • Graphics: Web Layouts (?), Status Layouts (?), Icons (?), Background Patterns, Pixels (?)
  • Resources: CSS Templates (?), Bases (?), Celebrity PNGs (?), AniMa PNGs (?), Game PNGs (?), Color Palettes (?), Fonts (?)
  • External Content: AFF Layouts (?), RPR Layouts (?)
  • Miscellaneous: Site Names (?)

As you can see, not everything has definite numbers yet as it tends to change since I find a lot of things while going through my messed up folders. Also, the category “External Content” is a not so special one. It’s content made especially AFF and RPR users. You can check out the things, but I doubt you will ever use those.

I changed a lot of things here and there, except for the layout because I love it. Sorry to everyone who loved the last layout.

Anyway, let’s move on to “The 2017 Specials”, shall we?

So hell yes, it’s been months since I’ve done this. Truth to be told, it was hard for me to pick individual songs for the first four months of 2017 since I myself went through a lot of changes. Where should I even start? How about the very artist who left as the very first a big impression for this year?

January: Seo In Guk – BeBe

Let me tell you one very obvious thing, I’m a sucker for Seo In Guk. He’s the only male solo artist who can make my heart shake by saying “baby, don’t” in such a deep and smooth voice. Like, how does he even do this?

“BeBe” came out last year around December (if I’m not wrong), but to my very own misfortune, I’ve only heard about it this year. The first few seconds along really got me hard. I didn’t know how to react at all. So yeah, there I was, fangirling the next few minutes of the video.

As always, Seo In Guk deserved this comeback – most of all now that he officially left for the military, it will be a long, hard time without his beautiful voice. If anything, I’d definitely wait for his next comeback after those two years.

February: SHINee – Because of You

Okay, so SHINee… What can I say about them? They’re perfect; they’re dorky; they’re really talented, they’re everything my little fangirl heart desires just like every other group I love. It was a bit of hard for me to choose a song, hence I’ll just go with the one which brought me back to them- which reminds me, there was no song which made me like them again. In fact, it was my very first SHINee fan fiction with Taemin as the leading character. I wrote it years ago and needed for the last chapter performance videos to some of their songs. I didn’t expect to fall in love with them again tho.

Although if there’s a song which made me love them again, it’s this particular Japanese song named “Kimi no Sei de” or in English “Because of You”. Yes, it is indeed the video shown at the top. Why this song? First of all, you guys have to know that I love the color blue, secondly, the song itself is very catchy and thirdly, I love the lyrics to it. They made me cry – which I didn’t expect at all. Like, alone from hearing the beat to it, you will think it’s a very happy song, but in reality, it isn’t. The MV itself shows the concept behind the song. So yeah, bye. I’m back to being a Shawol. Yay!

March: DGNA – Lucky Man

DGNA a.k.a The BOSS is back! Truth to be told, I knew they wouldn’t disband since their contract with POOM Entertainment didn’t reach the seven years breach yet, but I didn’t expect them to have moved back to XING Entertainment – THE company where they started off as XING members before debuting as DGNA. Do you know what this means for me and the fandom? That we don’t have to worry about their contract expiration this year since it’s the current crisis for those who debuted in 2010.

What can I say about this song? It’s my aesthetic just like any other ballad they sang or covered before. “Lucky Man” is the only single I’ve purchased so far for this year on iTunes (just to support them). I was actually in complete shock when seeing the video in my recommendations on YouTube because I never received any kinds of updates regarding a comeback, but here they are, revived from the dead after two years; and honestly speaking, I cried way too much while watching the MV.

The ballad kings of K-Pop’s 3rd generation are back! And on top of that with aesthetic voices and visuals.

April: HIGHLIGHT – Plz Don’t Be Sad

And the last ones are a fresh from the oven! No, actually not all too fresh anymore, but oh well.

Let me introduce you to the newly debuted group HIGHLIGHT! Actually this group had a lot of pre-debut songs such as “Mystery”, “Breath/Soom”, “Fiction”, etc. which were hits in a time span of seven years. Amazing, right? Kidding.

No, HIGHLIGHT originally debuted in 2009 under CUBE Entertainment as a six headed boy group named BEAST. Unfortunately their contracts expired last year. I’m not all too sure how it went for them, but I suppose five members (Doojoon, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, Dongwoon) extended their contracts while Hyunseung left the group to pursue his solo career.

Their last promoted song as BEAST and first without Hyunseung was “Ribbon”. A Beautiful ballad in triple meter which I would love to dance to in case I should get married (which might never happen). Anyway, after “Ribbon” they eventually decided to leave CUBE, stating that they would like to establish their own label. There was a problem though which considered their group name.

Since BEAST is trademarked by CUBE, they couldn’t keep the name – even after discussing things on court. They lost the name and eventually had to come up with another name. I was informed about it that they could’ve gotten the name back, but only after two years since the trademark doesn’t count anymore or something like this. I have a feeling that they changed their name for two very simple reasons and no, it’s not because they were impatient about some sort of comeback. It has been stated that CUBE planned to make a “new BEAST” with completely new members which makes it impossible to get the name back after two years of waiting. This is the first reason. The second is because well, a new start for all of them.

At the moment is HIGHLIGHT thinking of a fandom name. I’m already anticipating to any official announcement regarding this. There were people saying that it might be Contour (because you know, make-up – it’s a pun among the fans), others who say it might be Highlighter and there have been many more suggestions. In “Ask In A Box” Kikwang’s idea was to name their fandom “Hearts” which is from my and the other member’s opinion very cringe worthy. XD

So yeah, what can I say? I became once more a fan of all older groups I got into back then (including Seo In Guk). I’ve been a sucker for all of them before and after neglecting them for so long, I finally returned and received the freaking “SURPRISE!” effect. It’s not meant in a bad way anyway. In fact, I love it that I started to support them again.

At any rate, I hope you enjoyed these specials (most of all listening to the songs). Thank you and I see you guys next time!

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