Eotteokhae?! I fell in Love with an Idol!

First Publication: 2011 @ Asianfanfics
Repost: February 16, 2017 @ Asianfanfics
Category: Fan Fiction, Chaptered
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Characters: Charlene Alonzo (OC),  Taemin (SHINee), L.Joe
Read Online: Asianfanfics

What happens if someone gives you an email which is shared between various Korean idols? What if you get the chance to get to know your most favorite group and its members? What if you fall in love with one of them?

This story is about a female K-Pop fan, who lives her life just like every other human being – that is until she gets to know her favorite boy group, making her world go upside down.

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Category: Literature
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Trials of a Broken One

First Publication: January 23, 2014 @ Asianfanfics
Category: Fan Fiction, Chaptered
Genre: Drama
Characters: Sunggyu (INFINITE), Joy (GAIA), Kim Hayul (Race Queen), Ahn Sohee (Actress), Minah (GIRL’S DAY), Qri (T-ARA), Jieun (SECRET)
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Kim Sunggyu has everything he needs and wants in his life. Dreams are coming true one by one which is even more than pleasant for any human being. Pursuing his dream of becoming a singer has been one of those and thus he is nowadays not only a member but the leader and main vocalist of a group which goes by the name INFINITE. Fans love him for his naggy yet very caring personality and the other group members look up to him like their personal idol.

Yet not everyone knows that the powerful smooth voice and the warm smile of his are only a cover for the whiny teenager in him who got hurt. With the past haunting him down — which left a deep scar behind – a broken boy is sitting on the inside of the male who went through more than just a single tragedy. And truth to be told: they weren’t all one of those harmless types either.

But what if the future holds the key to everything he has been yearning to forget? Maybe a thing or a someone who could help him out of this hole of misery?

The cards are still open and will stay like this until the succeeding moment in his life’s journey shows him the path towards a better ending from the trauma – or maybe not.

Credits: aleric @ Squarepants (C1)

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The Last Melody

First Publication: December 31, 2013 @ Asianfanfics
Category: Fan Fiction, Chaptered
Genre: Angst
Characters: Naeun (APINK), L (INFINITE), Minzy (2NE1), Taemin (SHINee)
Read Online: Asianfanfics

When the last melody plays, what will happen to their love?

Son Naeun: a very cheerful girl who always tries hard to keep people she loves smiling, once fell in love with a boy named Lee Taemin at the tender age of 15. For her, she thought it was her first love until they got engaged four years later. From that time on she begins to see his real side. She wants to leave him but due to the promise they made, she can’t. That is until she meets someone who changes her whole life once and for all. Someone with a very cold aura around him, never smiles, never shows his vulnerable side, got into trouble several times and has a painful past. Someone by the name Kim Myungsoo.

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Category: Literature
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