October to December 2016 Specials

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How many times have I already apologized for my permanent absence? Probably way too often. At any rate, I am back! Maybe not fully recovered, but somehow at least. The past few months have been nothing but a roller coaster full of disasters and dramas here and there, but I will get back at it as soon as I find the time.

Anyway, here I am! Back with two other specials I should’ve posted a long time ago and one which is for the upcoming and very last month of the year.

October 2016: WINNER – Je T’aime (Cover)

To be honest, words can’t describe how beautiful this cover is. The group which originally sang “Je T’aime” is the girl group Oh My Girl. Dean, a YG artist rearranged it and made WINNER – specifically Taehyun, Seungyoon and Mino sing/rap it.

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June to September 2016 Specials

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First of all, I am really sorry for the delay and all the wait. I’ll get back at everyone once I find some time without being too tired to do anything after work.

At any rate, since I wasn’t able to post something the past few months, I’ll make it up to you by posting all specials I forgot to post as well as this month’s. Also, don’t mind the icon. I just really like it because of Mino. See how obsessed I got with him?

June 2016: Jeon Jiyoon – This Ain’t Me (feat. Ilhoon of BTOB)

I think almost every K-Pop fan knows what happened in June, because that was definitely one of the most tragic moments in my life. The reason why I dedicated June to this pretty lady, is because 4MINUTE disbanded around that time which actually broke my heart.
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May 2016 Special

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First of all, I would like to apologize about the late replies. I got busy with personal things and some research for an article for school. I am back again though! And on top of that, I have a lot of things to tell you about, but all of that will come in another post.

So yes, this month’s special feature goes to SECRET’s main vocalist Song Jieun! Why is that? Because she’s love. She somehow started to make her way into my heart after Sunggyu and her became all lovey dovey (in roleplay). I’ll get back to this topic in another post.

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