The Domain

Site Name: Venirose
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Opened: January 19, 2017
Re-Opened: June 28, 2017
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Behind the Name

Venirose is my second first name, so my actual name would be Christien Venirose. I always had a liking on that name unlike Christien. I guess it’s because this name won’t be as easily confused with my brothers’ since they’re named Christian and Christoph. See what I mean?


Before I started blogging, I used to write diary entries either on paper or into an actual diary with a lock – although I never really bothered to lock it up. I eventually grew tired of writing down my daily life after a year and turned my back towards it until 2010 or 2011, where I found the site Asianfanfics. I’ve seen people blogging like crazy on a daily basis, even if most of their blogs included a set of gifs with their favorite idols and a small caption to it. It didn’t really motivate me to blog, but I did start to post things again – maybe not about my life but I started to participate in tagging games and whatnot.

I opened up my first official blog around 2014 or 2015 if I remember right? Although it was more of a multi functional domain which included everything. I kept neglecting it because my motivation was still gone even after so many years of taking a break from it, however I wasn’t the one closing it, but rather, my domain was suddenly deleted. originally first opened in January 2017, however, due to my crazy schedule, I had to close it down about two months after. Although in June I finally managed to revive it for the sake of my inner blogger.